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Study Shows Hosted PBX Can Save You Money!

Study Shows Hosted PBX Can Save You Money!

Hosted PBX Systems Can Be Money Savers!

In business there are two ways to increase profit – increase revenue or decrease costs. At Colden Company, we are committed to both ends of the spectrum for our customers as evidenced by our January announcement of lower prices for some of our services (for the second year in a row!). We can also help your business by lowering your phone bill. Many businesses have gone the way of Voice over IP (VoIP) systems to save over traditional phone systems. These systems use your Internet connection for your voice traffic as well as your data traffic. VoIP phone systems can really be money savers with lots of additional functionality.

Colden Company has been offering Hosted PBX solutions for some time, which are a form of VoIP. Watch our video here to see how you can save like the businesses in this study. Nineteen small businesses that were considering a phone system change were analyzed. See the results for yourself!

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