Colden Company provides consulting services in a variety of technical areas. Our staff holds many technical certifications from Microsoft, as well as IBM, CompTIA A+, N+ and many more. While our technical skills are strong, our customer service mentality is the differentiator. Each Colden employee undergoes customer service training and understands that our job is more than providing technical expertise. Our job is to advise and recommend the best solutions for your business. We cultivate relationships with multiple vendors so that we can provide our clients the best and most cost effective solution to meet your needs. All customer installations are managed by trained Colden technicians and project managers.

Employee Productivity

The key asset of any business is its people, and Colden Company can help your team utilize technology to improve their productivity. Mobile solutions and secure remote access solutions are some of the methods in which technology can distribute information, getting information to the right person at the right time.

We use automation to keep your employee systems running optimally. Why pay to have your computer sped up when it can be monitored and tuned using automation?
Is the temptation to surf the web during working hours cutting down on employee productivity? There are cost effective ways to manage technology so that your business is taking advantage of the benefits and reducing the impact of the negative aspects of technology. Colden Company can help manage your technology resources so employees aren’t distracted by social networking sites or personal email during work hours.

Case Study: A Colden Company customer came to us a few months after implementing our monitoring and automation. Her response was that her employees are coming to her asking for work to do since now they can get their normal workload completed in less time.

Mobile Data Accessibility

The ability to access and process information quickly from any location is expected in today’s fast paced society. . Colden Company has experience with a variety of mobile devices, including Blackberry, iPhone, Android and various tablets from the iPad to the Surface Pro to keep your employees in touch and connected to your line of business applications.

Project managers, doctors and executives can leverage their mobile devices to stay connected to patients or clients. Mobility is particularly critical for the construction vertical where getting information to and from the job site in a timely manner can make the difference between profit and loss. Handheld solutions make the difference.

Mobile Data Security

Security of data that resides on mobile devices has become a concern as the workforces becomes more mobile. Colden Company offers Mobile Device Management to provide protection from mobile data loss or theft, for example, remotely wiping devices that are lost, forcing pin codes, app tracking, device location tracking, and more.

Case Study: A Colden Company customer came to us wanting to use iPads for their sales team. We helped integrate the iPads back to the office network so that the sales team had access to the updated presentations. The customer says sales have increased by allowing the iPad to showcase their products more effectively.

Case Study: A Colden Company customer wanted their techs in the field to have access to a specific Windows based application. This would allow them to streamline the delivery of a new business line. Colden prepared a fleet of Surface Pro tablets complete with the necessary software and peripherals which made the new business line launch a success.


Managing email and messaging has become increasingly important as messaging solutions have become such an integral part of business. Businesses now list email as one of the the most critical applications to running their day to day operations.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 offers businesses powerful tools to stay connected in the office and on the move. With a variety of plans, you can get the tools you need, and use them on multiple devices.

Benefits of Microsoft 365:

  • Access files anywhere—online or offline
  • Stay with a familiar looking tool
  • Regular security updates & feature releases
  • Use the web version of Microsoft Office—with features to make your work easier

Microsoft has added value to many subscriptions with additional products like Planner, Power Automate, Power Bi and many more. Colden Company can help your business leverage these tools to improve your business process. Microsoft 365 is so much more than an email platform, let Colden Company show you how your business can benefit. Contact us today.


Working with clients, vendors, and co-workers in other locations can be a challenge, but. having the right tools to collaborate effectively can greatly increase your productivity. Email, calendaring, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint are traditional collaboration tools that can help an organization be more productive. Colden Company can also help you implement tools for video conferencing and secure file sharing, which are necessities in today’s world. We specialize in Microsoft Teams deployments for businesses.

Can your organization benefit from the use of collaboration tools? Contact Colden Company today to find out how.

BC/DR Planning

A critical component of any information technology environment is the backup and disaster recovery portion of the solution. With the increasing threats of data breaches and malware that encrypts your data this stage of planning is more critical than ever.

Business continuity and disaster recovery goes beyond simple file backup. File backup is just one component of disaster recovery. Colden Company ensures that any solution we present to a customer provides a plan for a business to quickly recover and become operational.

Colden Company offers a broad range of services including risk assessments, business impact analysis and business continuity test planning. Because business continuity plans should be tested and updated on a regular basis, we work with our customers to make sure their business continuity plans are realistic and they have the tools and resources to get up and running in the event of a disaster.

Case Study: A Colden Company customer knew it was time to update their disaster recovery plans. When we sat down and reviewed their plan, we found that much of what they considered critical data was not part of the disaster recovery plan. Lesson learned that periodic reviews of your DR plan is necessary to ensure it will be there when needed.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is another area of technology that has grown exponentially. Colden Company is at the forefront in bringing cloud solutions to businesses. Cloud applications are Internet accessible applications that are delivered as a service. The maintenance of hardware, licensing and backups are left to the service provider.

Cloud computing can be utilized for email, line of business applications, file storage or backup. For email solutions, Colden Company provides Microsoft 365 Solutions like Office365 email, OneDrive for Business, Microsoft Teams as well as solutions from Google, including G Suite.

Colden Company also provides line of business applications and cloud-based file storage solutions We are cloud computing experts and have the necessary experience to guide your business in the right direction.

Case Study: “Email is critical” – said one Colden Company customer as we were discussing options to upgrade their mail server. Colden Company migrated their email to our cloud-based Microsoft 365 solution giving them guaranteed uptime and no upfront costs.


One area of “green” technology that is a win-win for the wallet and the environment is virtualization. Virtualization allows you to run multiple servers on one physical hardware server. The benefits include:

  • lower capital costs on hardware
  • less energy usage
  • improved disaster recovery options

There are many vendors with solution offerings in the virtualization space, including VMware, Microsoft, Citrix and Sun. Allow our technology experts to discuss the options that best suit your business needs.

Case Study: A Colden Company customer decided they had had enough poor support from their ERP vendor. They wanted a change but had limited funds to make that change. Using their existing hardware, Colden Company used virtualization to create an environment for them to run their preferred ERP software without a big upfront expense on hardware.