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Don’t FSBO Your Cyber Security

Don’t FSBO Your Cyber Security

If you want to make a realtor squirm in their seat, mention the word “FSBO”.  For Sale By Owner.  Every realtor will begin reciting instances where sellers left thousands or tens of thousands of dollars on the table because they thought they could do it better, or at least more cheaply than by using a realtor.  Worse yet are the stories of sellers who did not understand the process and cost themselves time and money with hidden fees and lost opportunity costs.

Cyber Security is similar in many ways in that we see businesses try to self-service or as we say, FSBO their cyber security.  Many times, they are small businesses concerned about costs, but not always.  Some larger businesses will put a non-technical person in charge of data security just because they are slightly more technical than others on staff instead of relying on a trained industry professional.  Here at Colden Company, we have also experienced those scenarios with customers with general IT as well as Cyber security.  Examples include web site designers trying to implement email associated with a domain and cause tremendous damage to a business by not understanding the world of cyber security and terms like DNS, DKIM and DMARC. We’ve seen a relative who “knows computers” asked to implement a business class firewall, a device that person has very little expertise in. Given the critical role a firewall plays in data security, why would a business take the risk of having a non-qualified professional handle a task like that.  The stakes are too high. Hackers are running sophisticated enterprises and attacking businesses regularly.  There are reasons why regulatory compliance agencies are requiring more and more cyber defenses.  It is important to note that many compliance standards require someone from your business, not an outside consultant, to be responsible for cyber security.  Who is that in your organization and are you confident in their abilities to attend to your cyber security?

Here at Colden Company, we invest in continuing education for our staff, and attend industry conferences like Microsoft’s Ignite and Channel Future’s MSP summit annually. As security certified professionals, we pride ourselves in staying current and being able to offer quality solutions to our customers at a fair price. As we often say: “fix the problem the right way”.  That is what differentiates us from tinkerers and non-professionals. We take great pride in our work as any professional would.

Don’t FSBO your Cyber Security. Implementing security solutions the right way can give you peace of mind as well as a competitive advantage over your competition. Our team will work with you to understand your needs and your vision and implement cyber security the right way, setting your business up for success.  Contact our certified professionals today at (888) 600-4560 or via email at



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