Colden Charities Inc., a registered 501c3 organization, has been active in our community as well as helping others around the world. Some of the projects we have been involved in are:

  • Post tsunami rebuilding in Galle, Sri Lanka
  • Post Katrina cleanup and supply distribution in Ocean Springs, MS
  • Partial funding and building an orphanage for underprivileged children in Oropesa, Peru
  • Support for Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington DC
  • Volunteer at local soup kitchens in Saint Augustine FL
  • Support for the Wounded Warrior Project
  • Post Hurricane Matthew, Irma, Maria relief

Currently we are active in supporting an organization called Playnet Inc. operating in the Philippines. Playnet, Inc. helps provide access to education for children who do not have access to the public education system. Playnet helps poor children of all faiths attend schools that are established with the assistance of local parents and community members. The schools are not the type of school that we send our children to in the United States. School houses are often one room buildings, books are limited and text books are non-existent. Electricity is not even standard in these areas. The children that attend these schools are grateful for the opportunity to learn and are an inspiring group. We are proud to partner with Playnet Inc. to give these kids an opportunity to learn.

Our 2022 fundraiser is kicking off on August 10 through the 24th. Funds from the 20210 fundraiser went in part to infrastructure issues, and unexpected challenges with COVID-19 and remote learning. Schools were closed but continued to operate remotely to the best of the ability of the dedicated staff. The closures did allow us to complete a few restroom upgrades and installations. Our goal is to continue to provide an option for education for as many under-privileged children as possible in a safe and secure environment. There are no other options for most of these kids. This year in addition to the additional overhead for trying to operate remotely, we are trying to open a new school in a new area where many poor children are unable to attend school. Your assistance is greatly appreciated not just from those of us at Colden Charities but by the children being educated by Playnet as well. Please know your donations are making a difference!

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School Children in Davao City Philippines