Managed Services

Managed Services features proactive management of your network infrastructure, resulting in reduced downtime, a more stable and better running network, and just as importantly a stable and reduced cost of maintaining your network.

Managed Services not only provides peace of mind that your critical equipment is being monitored, but also adds automated solutions to time consuming and costly problems. For example, managed services applications have the ability to script responses to certain errors that may occur. It is easy to see how this type of proactive approach can reduce IT costs over the long haul.

Colden Company provides a balance of automated software with our hands on customer service approach to combine the best of both worlds and keep your network up, and your costs down.

Case Study: A Colden Company customer wanted to utilize a specific printer with their new server environment, even though the printer was not supported on the new version. This cause the print spooler, which manages all printing on the server, to crash periodically. Not only could we detect when that would happen, our managed services platform allowed us to react to that problem automatically and fix it before the customer was even aware of the problem. No support call needed. Colden Company’s managed services fixed the problem automatically.

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