Colden Company’s Managed Services provides proactive management of your network infrastructure, resulting in reduced downtime, a more stable and better running network, and just as importantly, a stable and reduced cost of maintaining your network.

Our Managed Services plans not only provide peace of mind that your critical equipment is being monitored, but also includes automated solutions to issues that can be time consuming and costly to fix. For example, managed services software can automatically correct some errors that may occur in your networking environment. It is easy to see how this type of proactive approach can reduce IT costs over time.

Our experts can work along with existing IT staff in a co-managed environment as well. Our experts can fill a strategic role (Virtual CIO), handle project work or we can augment helpdesk staff as needed. Colden Company fits where you need us, not one size-fits-all.

Colden Company provides a balance of automated software with our hands on customer service approach to combine the best of both worlds and keep your network up, and your costs down.

Case Study: A Colden Company customer wanted to utilize a specific printer with their new server environment, even though the printer was not supported on the new version. This caused the print spooler, which manages all printing on the server, to crash periodically. Our managed services platform detected when the crash occurred and allowed us to automatically fix it before the customer was even aware of the problem. Colden Company’s managed services software fixed the problem automatically and no support call was needed.

Contact us today to see how our managed services software can make a difference in your network’s performance.

Colden Company is certified by the Disaster Recovery Institute as Certified Business Continuity Planners. Our customers benefit from our years of experience assisting customers in preparing comprehensive disaster recovery and disaster avoidance plans. We use a top-down approach to examine the critical business functions, and work down to create a plan that covers the supporting systems, hardware and personnel.

Colden Company offers additional disaster recovery services including off-site backup or cloud backup, which we offer starting at as little as $4/month and virtual server recovery, also very affordable for small and mid-size business. Do you have laptops in the field that need backup? Critical servers that need a quick recovery time? Let Colden Company design a system that is right for you. Contact us today.

See how a Datto Backup and Disaster Recovery Device (BDR) supported by Colden Company can enhance your data security, and give your business true disaster recovery capabilities. At Colden Company, we have been in the BDR business for many years. See why our partnership with Datto is the BDR solution you can count on!

Backup & Recovery

Backing up your data is critical. As anyone who has lost a file, or had a hard drive crash can tell you the right backup can make the difference between a minor hassle and a really bad day. What is the right way to backup your data?. Today’s businesses have many alternatives that are affordable and easy to implement and use. Some solutions are merely extensions of consumer grade file backups, and some are truly solutions designed for businesses to recover from a disaster.

Image level backups are affordable and preferable for ease of recovery, particularly for critical servers where every minute of downtime is costing your business money. Image level backups are ideal for critical PC’s as well.

Case Study: An important server at one of Colden Company’s customers site crashed. The blue-screen of death, as it is sometime referred to, was all that would appear when booting. The hardware checked out fine and the solution was unfortunately to rebuild the server from the base operating system. Using our image-based backup system, we restored the server from 30 minutes prior and had the system back up and running within the hour. A process that would have taken days with a traditional backup system was reduced to minutes.

Getting the right backup solution to protect your data is vital. Before you invest in a solution, contact the backup experts at Colden Company for a backup assessment.