SMB Market

Serving the SMB (Small to Mid-sized Business) market is our core strength. Businesses like yours (and ours) are who we excel at helping. We consider our customers “partners” because we know our business will succeed if your business succeeds. Our solutions are NOT one size fits all. We understand small business needs flexibility so we offer tailored solutions. Isn’t that refreshing in a world where Managed Services Providers are moving to a single take-it-or-leave-it offering? Our flexibility and familiarity with the small business makes us the perfect choice for your IT needs. Colden Company can:

  • be your virtual IT department for those businesses too small to have one.
  • work with your IT person to augment their ability and fill in when they are away.
  • be your virtual Chief Information Officer to help steer the direction of technology within the business.
  • bring big business technology at a small business price.
  • bring awareness of key technology issues like data security to your business.
  • provide best-in-class customer service to our partners.