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Put Your Money Where It Counts

Put Your Money Where It Counts

Technology in a business for the sake of technology is not an effective strategy. Technology should be used for only two things:

1)      Improve efficiency and other revenue generating tasks

2)      Reduce risks and other expense lowering tasks

Businesses can be more profitable only in these two manners – either increasing revenue or decreasing costs.  A lot of technology advertising is focused on the first point and perhaps rightfully so.  Improvements in technology do bring efficiencies and opportunities for revenue generation.  The second point is perhaps of greater value.  A dollar saved has a greater impact on your bottom line because there is no assosciated cost to generating that dollar, consider savings a “force multiplier.” We will spend time talking about how thinking about your technology  differently can lower your expenses, so you can put your money where it counts!

Hardware and software expenses are a necessary evil in many cases.  Although you can mitigate some expenses with cloud computing, there still needs to be end points for users to work on.  One way to reduce costs is to buy in bulk.  If you are a small business, perhaps you do not have the opportunity to do so. In that scenario partnering with Colden Company Inc. can benefit your business.  Colden Company does larger volumes of equipment purchasing and is eligible for discounted pricing on desktops, laptops, network equipment, and software. Why not save on your next purchase?

Another method of saving is through the use of automation. Colden Company customers benefit from automated task to keep their technology environment running at peak efficiency and also reducing support costs. Colden Company uses technology to automate as much as practically possible on our clients’ networks with the idea of working toward networks that not only detect problems, but are programmed to respond and repair, thus lowering support costs. One common example is PCs that experience decreased performance over time due to file build up that require a support call to fix with other vendors. The use of automation to prune that file build up can improve the performance, reduce the frequency of support calls, freeing up money so you can put your money where it counts!

A third way to reduce costs is by planning.  Colden Company distinguishes itself from the competition by providing a variety of planning services such as our life cycle planning process. This process allows our customers to plan ahead and budget for expenses while making qualified decisions about their infrastructure.  For example, a business may have a policy to renew the hardware maintenance on the office desktops and laptops. That seems like a noble and well considered policy. At Colden Company Inc., our approach is different.  We do not advocate for such blanket policies.  Our advice is to determine which workstations (laptops and desktops) are deemed important and critical and which ones are unimportant.  The unimportant PCs do not need extended hardware maintenance agreements as long as there is a backup or spare PC that could fill its role without needing too much time and expense to transition it into a production role. The exercise of planning can yield savings in an example like this. Put your money where it counts!

Finally, as previously mentioned, cloud services can offer savings for businesses.  The use of hosted solutions can not only eliminate the upfront costs of server hardware but also pay dividend down the road with reduced maintenance, reduced power consumption, and reduced risk.  For example, Colden Company Inc is a supporter of email in the cloud. The stability of guaranteed uptime for such a critical communication method is just one of several reasons why email is the perfect application for the cloud. But did you also know that many Hosted Exchange solutions like the one offered by Colden Company include Microsoft Outlook licensing? As Microsoft releases new versions, your software licenses upgrade along with it without having to repurchase.  In addition, in a cloud model, software is often delivered as a service, meaning if you have ten users in January you pay for ten users.  If you have five users in February, you pay for five users. In a traditional model, you would buy ten licenses in January and then have five unproductive copies around in February that you paid for but are now not being used.  The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model can generate savings particularly if your business has fluctuations in staffing levels.  Isn’t that right, accounting and construction firms? Why put money into licenses that you are using?  Put your money where it counts!

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