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Staying the Same is Falling Behind

Staying the Same is Falling Behind

When it comes to technology, if you are running your business the same way you were three or four years ago, you may think your position in the market is staying the same.  It is not.  Rest assured, your competition is implementing new technology to become more efficient and effective, which means your business is falling behind. The future belongs to those who grab it, not those who are content to rest on their previous successes.

Rapid changes in technologies are occurring every day.  Some will have practical applications to your business and others will not.  For example, recently two business owners approached Colden Company with questions on implementing iPads into their business.  The first told us their IT guy requested an iPad saying it would help him manage the infrastructure more efficiently. Our response was that the benefits were unclear at best. A second customer wanted their sales people to use the iPad to show their product at customer locations in a clear, portable format.  This is an excellent use for the iPad and we helped this customer implement the solution.  The technology is the same in both examples, but a much better fit for one business over the other.  It is important that new technology not be adopted blindly, but rather through a well-thought-out business plan. Technology is a means to an end, not a solution on its own.

At Colden Company Inc, we are technology integration specialists.  This is what we do every day.  Our expertise allows you to concentrate on running your business, while partnering with a best-in-breed technology vendor.  “Partner” is the key word here.  Is your technology vendor aware of your business plans? If not, how can they advise on which technologies can help and which will not? Do you use your IT provider only to fix problems when they arise or are you fully leveraging their skill set and bringing that technology advantage to your business?  If you are not, your competition likely is and your business is falling behind.

Everyone has expertise in different areas. We don’t try to navigate the world of payroll taxes on our own.  If we have a broken bone, we go to the hospital and get help from skilled medical professionals. We seek the expertise of those who specialize in these areas.  In reality, from time to time you see you will see the sign below:



Realtors will groan at the sight of this sign and quickly site statistics stating that FSBO sales underperform sales made using licensed realtors. Some of our readers may attempt a FSBO home sale but many of you would prefer the expertise of a licensed realtor to ensure the valuation is proper and that the most potential customers are reached.

Technology is an area that can make a real difference in the success or failure of a business, yet far too many FSBO their technology needs.  At Colden Company, our staff has many years of expertise, continuing education, and experience implementing technology solutions.  We are certified experts in our field. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you aligned with a technology company that knows your business?
  • Is your business taking proper advantage of the available technology?
  • Is your business operating the same way it was three or four years ago?


Contact us today and see what a partnership with Colden Company Inc. can bring to your business.  Reach us at (888) 600-4560 or  Remember, standing still is falling behind!



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