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Pandemic Response Plans

Pandemic Response Plans

Often times current events spark businesses to consider scenarios they had not put much thought into previously.  Y2K, as an example, forced many businesses to upgrade their system to handle the changing of the century.  Ransomware in the news helped to raise awareness of the issues with data security and having proper backups.  At other times an episode of gun violence may lead businesses to develop an active shooter response plan. The headlines over the last month may be doing the same.  The coronavirus is front page news because of its prolific ability to spread without physical contact.  The combination of being easily spread and a much higher fatality rate than seasonal flu viruses have people on edge.  (2% compared to 0.1% for the flu) It is a situation worth monitoring and preparing for.

There have been other pandemics in the past, from the Avian Flu, to SARS which also raised awareness.  I recall the Avian Flu prompting us here at Colden Company to develop a response plan should the situation spiral out of control.  Does your business have a recently updated contingency plan?  Is a pandemic included in your disaster recovery plans?

If the above answer is “yes”, congratulations.  You are in the minority of businesses that are prepared for such a situation.  If your answer was “no”, perhaps it is time to put some time and effort into a plan.  As with all disaster recovery planning, it is never an urgent issue until the disaster is upon you.  Human nature suggests we put off tasks that do not have a looming deadline and rarely does a disaster announce it will be arriving on a particular date and time. Never-the-less, good managers see the value in preparing before the disaster strikes.

Colden Company is certified by the Disaster Recovery Institute as Certified Business Continuity Planners. We can assist your business in preparing a reasonable response to a threat like coronavirus. After-all we are used to knocking out viruses. (pardon the pun) In the words of one of our favorite Americans Ben Franklin “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

Give us a call at (888) 600-4560 or email us at to find out how our experts can assist your business in being prepared for whatever comes your way.



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