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Is Your Business Ready for the Cloud?

Is Your Business Ready for the Cloud?

In the decade from 2010 to 2020, cloud usage increased by a whopping 635% according to a study from CloudZero. The adoption of cloud services is expected to continue rising throughout the current decade at the same rate! There are good reasons for this surge. There are many advantages to cloud computing. Here are a few advantages:

1) On-demand Self Service
You get the cloud resources you need when you need them. Businesses do not have to wait for added services in many cloud environments as the resources are there ready to be allocated.

2) Shared Resource Pooling
Shared resources means that a failure of any single component or server should not take down your operation. Resources are pooled and distributed to form a redundant architecture and higher availability.

3) Rapid Elasticity
Cloud providers can quickly adjust the amount of computational power and resources to meet your needs. Growing ten-fold in a short period is not a problem with most cloud environments.

4) Measured Service
Much like a utility bill, businesses are charged for the services they use in a true cloud model. The fewer resources you use, the less you pay. The more you use the more you pay.

5) Broad Network Access
Cloud networks are broadly available via the Internet through secure channels anywhere.

Layer on to this the prospect of not needing to maintain, power and cool that on-premise hardware that has been replaced by the cloud, it can be an attractive solution for many businesses as they evaluate the direction of the technology infrastructure.

Security is always a necessary conversation to have when talking about the cloud. It is important to note that not all clouds are created equally, and questions should be asked. Where is my data stored? How is it backed up? How is it secured? These are important questions that a business needs comfortable answers to.

Here at Colden Company, we are experts in this area. We have migrated many businesses from on-premise infrastructure to cloud or hybrid-cloud environments. Our experts are trained in best practices and have years of experience in the field and know what questions to ask cloud solution providers. We also have security certified professionals on staff to make sure your data is protected.

Is your business ready for the cloud? Are the benefits of cloud infrastructure for your business clear? Talk with our team of experts today to start the discussion. We are here to help guide you through the process as we have with so many of our clients should it make sense for your business! As we like to say here at Colden Company “if you are running your business the same way you were three or four years ago, you are not staying the same, you are falling behind”. Businesses that embrace technology outpace those that do not. Contact us at (888) 600-4560 or via email at to schedule a call.



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