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Keeping Up With Security

Keeping Up With Security

It is 2020. Wow.  It seems like just yesterday we were preparing for Y2K.  The cyber world is a very different place than it was twenty years ago.  In 2000, there were 361 million Internet users.  Today there are well over four billion. Some of those four billion are bad actors, creating viruses and malware. I bet your data security is not the same as it was twenty years ago.  What if we framed that differently and asked if your defenses are different than they were three or four years ago? Do you have the same answer?  The security threats have changed dramatically over that time, from sophisticated ransomware threats, to malware that mines for bitcoin for the bad guys. Your defenses have to keep up with the new threats.

Ransomware continues to be a real threat.  According to a recent study by Datto, there is a very large gap between how the threat of ransomware is perceived by businesses versus those working in the technology field. 89% of Managed Services Providers feel Ransomware is a significant threat to small and medium sized businesses, while only 28% of small and medium sized businesses perceive Ransomware as a significant threat. The folks that deal with security are much more concerned about it, perhaps the business world should take note and ensure they are protected against this threat.

Also changing is the need for compliance. Many states have recently expanded their laws regarding the protection of private data.  California, New York among others have updated their laws to provide better protection of private data ….and increased fines for businesses that do not take the proper precautions. As of 2018, all fifty states have something on the books for protecting personal identifiable information.  Do you know your state’s regulation?  Are you meeting the standards?  Are you aware of the fines?

In a changing world, staying current with the cyber world AND the regulations and compliance issues that affect your business are important.  Studies have repeatedly shown that businesses that keep up with technology outperform those that do not.  How do you stack up? Do you know? Here at Colden Company, we can provide an assessment of where your business stands and recommend measures to safeguard against today’s threats.

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