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Is Your Business Getting the Full Value from Office 365?

Is Your Business Getting the Full Value from Office 365?

One of the more overlooked features of Office 365 is Teams. Many businesses that have subscribed to Microsoft Office 365 have access to Teams and either do not realize it or do not utilize it. Enterprise plans and Business Premium plans that include Microsoft Office applications include Teams. Please note that retail or OEM copies of Microsoft Office do not include Teams.

What is Teams?

Team is a collaboration tool as well as an instant messenger/chat tool. Teams will eventually replace Skype for Business in this space and can do screen sharing, video or audio calling and even recording of calls. Teams has much of the functionality of Skype for Business and more.

Teams has a “Teams” tab below the “Chat” tab where users can collaborate on projects. Businesses can establish public or private teams, assign members, and share information, files, messages and more inside the team. Users can even collaborate on Office documents, which has long been a desired feature for Office. Upload a spreadsheet and multiple users can open the sheet and modify it simultaneously. Microsoft even added the ability to jointly collaborate on Visio drawings assuming the collaborators are properly licensed for Visio.

In order to best organize conversations, Teams allows users to set up channels. For example, you may have a Team for a customer and channels for the different projects going on for that customer. It is a nice way to organize communications.

Teams also has many connectors to other products, both Microsoft products like Planner, and outside connectors to services like Twitter and LinkedIn.

Want to hear more? Please see our video on Using Microsoft Teams and start taking advantage of this tool that is including in most Office 365 subscriptions!

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