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Is Your Business Getting the Full Value from Office 365?

Posted on: December 21st, 2018 by jiml | No Comments

One of the more overlooked features of Office 365 is Teams. Many businesses that have subscribed to Microsoft Office 365 have access to Teams and either do not realize it or do not utilize it. Enterprise plans and Business Premium plans that include Microsoft Office applications include Teams. Please note that retail or OEM copies of Microsoft Office do not include Teams.

What is Teams?

Team is a collaboration tool as well as an instant messenger/chat tool. Teams will eventually replace Skype for Business in this space and can do screen sharing, video or audio calling and even recording of calls. Teams has much of the functionality of Skype for Business and more.

Teams has a “Teams” tab below the “Chat” tab where users can collaborate on projects. Businesses can establish public or private teams, assign members, and share information, files, messages and more inside the team. Users can even collaborate on Office documents, which has long been a desired feature for Office. Upload a spreadsheet and multiple users can open the sheet and modify it simultaneously. Microsoft even added the ability to jointly collaborate on Visio drawings assuming the collaborators are properly licensed for Visio.

In order to best organize conversations, Teams allows users to set up channels. For example, you may have a Team for a customer and channels for the different projects going on for that customer. It is a nice way to organize communications.

Teams also has many connectors to other products, both Microsoft products like Planner, and outside connectors to services like Twitter and LinkedIn.

Want to hear more? Please see our video on Using Microsoft Teams and start taking advantage of this tool that is including in most Office 365 subscriptions!

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Microsoft Office 365

Posted on: April 25th, 2018 by jiml | No Comments

Microsoft Office is called a “productivity suite” for a reason. Some of the programs that comprise the Office Suite have been staples of business for many years, such as Word, Excel and Outlook among others. With today’s Microsoft Office you read about products like Yammer, Skype and Teams. Are these programs that can help your business productivity?

First, let’s be clear that not all of these programs are available with each subscription. Microsoft has been heavily touting it subscription-based versions of Office for some time. Those adverse to a monthly recurring cost won’t like a subscription model, but it does come with some key advantages. We have covered these in the past, so we will be brief here and focus on two key benefits.

1) A Microsoft Office 365 subscription is licensed to a user and allows up to five copies of that license to be used for different types of devices. (five computers, five tablets and five phones). That is a lot of copies of Office at no extra cost.
2) Upgrades and updates are included. When Microsoft releases Office 2019 next year (or likely late in 2018), you will be entitled to it as a subscription user instead of having to buy the licenses.

(Please be aware that Microsoft has advertised that Office 2019 will only be supported on Windows 10.)

The on-premise versions of Office (think traditional Office) will not include tools like Teams and Yammer. (Skype for Business is included). Microsoft is trying to incentivize the use of the Office 365 subscription even further by making the tools only available via the subscription model. Even among the subscription model, Office 365 Business does not contain licenses for these new tools and sticks to the traditional apps. Office 365 Premium contains the new tools at a higher price point. Click here to compare.

So, what is Yammer? Yammer is a social media platform for your business. Employees can post, make announcements and it has a look and feel like other notable social media platforms like Facebook.

How about Teams? Teams is a chat/Instant Messenger/conferencing platform that will likely cause Skype to be phased out by Microsoft. It has similar capabilities of Skype such as video conferencing but more robust and more integration capability.

Think your business can benefit from these tools or perhaps save money by using them? Even if you aren’t needing tools like Yammer and Teams, there are clear benefits to the subscription model of Office. Give us a call today to find out more and let our team of professionals help you decide the best path forward for your business.

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