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Good Security Starts with Strong Passwords

Good Security Starts with Strong Passwords

According to a study from Nordpass 67% of users say that managing passwords is stressful. Not surprisingly, as the average person manages 119 passwords. Unless you have a system in place to manage those passwords it can be difficult to keep track. Consequently, people that do not have a system in place use weak passwords and reuse passwords in many locations, both security no-no’s.

It is unfortunately, very easy for hackers to purchase password hacking tools on the dark web. The programs will run through all the words in the dictionary as passwords, as an example, or use a brute force approach of trying every combination of letters and number until it happens upon the correct combination. You can see how having a short password could cause you to be the victim of one of these programs. The National Institute for Standards in Technology recommends having passwords of longer length to combat this. The longer your password the longer it will take these sorts of programs to succeed. Each character adds an exponential amount of time to the process. Hackers will often give up and move on to an easier target in time.

Managing these long passwords can be cumbersome without a system as we stated above. Businesses have additional concerns with shared passwords that must be made available to multiple people. A tool like LastPass for Business is an excellent way to manage all those passwords and solve some common issues.

With the LastPass Browser plug in, you can create (or let LastPass create) strong passwords that you do not need to remember. LastPass lets you know that it has an available password to supply, and you simply click, and your strong password is input for you.

LastPass for Business allows the organization to choose whether or not staff can see the shared passwords at all. A common problem organizations face is changing multiple passwords every time an employee leaves the company. Or worse yet, they don’t change those passwords and there is potentially a disgruntled employee out there with the passwords to your company’s information. In LastPass, the business can decide who can see passwords and who will just have the ability to input the stored password to access the necessary systems without ever knowing the password.

Finally, LastPass for Business has many policies and reports so that key people can be notified if a user is using a weak password, or better yet your organization has a policy that does not allow weak passwords. Want to know who is reusing the same password repeatedly, LastPass can tell you. GLastPass allows your business to get a handle on the complexity of password management.

If you are interested in seeing a demo of the tool, please reach out to us at (888) 600-4560 or via email at Remember that good security starts with strong passwords.



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