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CJL Technology Joins Colden Company

CJL Technology Joins Colden Company

Colden Company with offices in Saint Augustine, Florida and Ballston Spa, NY and CJL Technology of Jonesville, Michigan have merged under the Colden Company brand.

CJL Technology will adopt the Colden Company name and bring their extensive expertise in information technology and data security to Colden Company. CJL Technology’s experience in IT regulatory compliance will strengthen the current services offered by Colden Company.

“There is a lot of consolidation going on in the MSP space.” said James Lapointe, President of Colden Company. “We are very happy to be adding CJL Technologies as they share our commitment to customer service first and foremost. In addition CJL utilize many of the same best-in-class technologies as we do, making it a natural fit. We couldn’t ask for a better partner to help us improve for our customers.”

What does this mean for Colden customers?  Colden Company customers will not see many changes, only improvements. The addition of CJL Technologies means we have more resources at our disposal.  CJL Technologies and Colden Company have been partners for many years and have a familiarity with each other’s business practices dating back fifteen years. We will continue to place emphasis on keeping up with new technology and bringing that technology to you to improve your businesses. We continue to focus on utilizing those new technologies while making sure our core services like helpdesk support remain best-in-class.  We know our customers love our fast response times and we aim to continue that going forward.


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