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Wi-Fi 6

Wi-Fi 6

Did you know there is a new standard for Wi-Fi signals called Wi-Fi 6? For the technical readers, this is also called 802.11ax. The standard was adopted in 2019 actually so the technology itself is not brand new. Equipment manufacturers needed some time to develop the hardware that could take advantage of the new standard and that has been taking place of the last couple of years. So, how is Wi-Fi 6 different?

It’s faster! The maximum throughput is listed at 9.6 Gbps as opposed to 3.5 Gbps for Wi-Fi 5. That is a substantial improvement. Latency can be reduced by up to 75% which is a great news for all you gamers out there. There are three main reasons for the speed improvement. Without getting too deep into the weeds technically they are:
• Wireless signals will be able to focus its direction more directly to endpoints rather than a circular signal. The focused signal will be stronger for the devices the information is intended for.
• Wi-Fi 6 no longer has to wait for a clear channel before sending. Intelligence in the protocol allow the sending device to determine what is noise and what is worth listening to, speeding up transmissions.
• Wi-Fi 6 can now include information to multiple endpoints in a single transmission window. Instead of sending them out sequentially, more simultaneous transmission is allowed.

In addition to much improved performance, Wi-Fi 6 has better security. You may have heard of WPA2, a common security protocol used on many Wi-Fi routers. Introducing WPA3, which is an enhanced security protocol to better protect your transmissions.

Finally, who doesn’t want better battery life for your devices. Wi-Fi 6 is more efficient and that allows for longer battery life on your devices like laptops and cell phones.

Keep in mind that both your device and router/access points must support Wi-Fi 6 in order to take advantage of these improvements. Not sure if your equipment is Wi-Fi 6 capable or if your business should be considering Wi-Fi 6? Give our experts a call today at (888) 600-4560 or email us at and we can discuss. Now, who is ready to talk about the next standard, Wi-Fi 6E? Perhaps another day.



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