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Technology Onboarding

Technology Onboarding

Your business employs various technologies and business processes that make your company unique. Every business is different in this respect. This, of course, makes sense as different technologies are required to solve different problems.  A business with mobile employees would benefit from mobile devices like laptops and tablets more than a business that operates solely inside their facility. A restaurant would need Point-of-Sale technology where a Funeral Home would not.  Every business has differing needs.

The point of technology is to either increase revenue or decrease costs. If an emerging technology catches your eye if you cannot answer the question of how that technology will do one of those two things, it may be wise to pass on it until that answer becomes clear.

Presumably, if you are following the above principle, the technology deployed in your business is the technology suited for your business.  New employees coming from different businesses might not have been exposed to the technology that makes your business tick. That makes for a learning curve and an inefficient new employee for a period of time while they get up to speed.

According to an article by Sapling HR, 88% on companies do not onboard new employees well. Other interesting statistics include:  Employee retention is improved by 82% by having a strong onboarding process. So, the question is “what makes a strong onboarding process?”.  A comprehensive process, that includes technology onboarding is part of the answer.

Colden Company can provide that technology onboarding component. We can tell you from first-hand experience that new employees are happier and more productive when properly taught how to use the tools at their disposal.  Colden Company customers that utilize our expertise to train their new employees on the technology they use are pleased with the result.  New employees hit the ground running more quickly, are more satisfied and more productive.

Are you interested in working with us to formulate a technology onboarding plan for your business? Contact us at (888) 600-4560 or via email at to get started.



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