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Staying Connected in a Connected World

Staying Connected in a Connected World

More and more business is being conducted in the cloud. According to a study by Gartner, worldwide cloud services are projected to grow at 17.5% this year. That is aggressive growth and there are not many indicators that this trend will reverse any time soon. Cloud services have many benefits, such as the reduction in capital infrastructure investments, less time to maintain cloud systems and of course, high availability.  Most cloud solutions offer guaranteed uptime and access from different types of devices, whether it be a traditional computer, tablet or smart phone.  The critical component to accessing business information in the cloud becomes the connection.  If your Internet connection is down, so is access to your information.  Having redundancy or a backup plan for your connection is now an important consideration for those companies dependent on the cloud.

Introducing the DNA Edge router from Datto!  This appliance sits at the edge of your network and between your business and the Internet. The device has advanced firewall capabilities built in, content filtering options and other traditional firewall necessities.  In addition, the DNA has 4G LTE failover capability.  If your primary internet connection fails, the device detects this and automatically fails over to a cellular based connection to keep your business operational. The device offers a choice of AT&T or Verizon for cellular plans.  The device comes with bundled services, meaning there is no overage charges for data regardless of how much you use.  There is no carrier contract required either.  It is all handled for you, making this an easy to maintain solution as well as providing your business with the continuous connectivity needed in today’s connected world.

Losing connectivity to your cloud applications hampers productivity!  Don’t let it happen to your business. Contact us today to hear more about your organization’s options for highly available connectivity. We can be reached by phone at (888) 600-4560 or via email at



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