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So You Want To Try Windows 11?

So You Want To Try Windows 11?

On April 5th, Microsoft made a series of announcements surrounding Windows 11.  The event was entitled “Windows Powers the Future of Hybrid Work” and also included updates to Windows 365, its cloud-based Windows platform. While many of the features they spoke of are not yet released, there is a promise for a later date.  One of those features is the ability to use tabs in File Explorer.  This has long been on the user wish list for Windows and while it will not be in the release coming this month, it is slated for a future release. Other features include:

  • Better integration between File Explorer and OneDrive
  • Improvements to Focus, formerly Focus Assist
  • Improved audio/video for video conferencing
  • Improved security

While these features may be appealing it is also noteworthy to know the limitations of Windows 11.

  • Reduced Start Menu without the ability to group apps
  • Taskbar mobility is restricted to the bottom of the display only
  • Quick Access toolbar has been removed
  • You cannot disable system icons like sound in the system tray

As we mentioned in our Windows 11 preview, Windows 11 has the look and feel of a simplified Windows 10 interface. This may be appealing to some users who value a clean, simplified look and feel and use their computer for common “user” tasks.  For those that are either change-adverse or do not want a simplified interface perhaps for using more advanced features, Windows 11 may seem like a step back.

It is important to know that Windows 11 will not run on any computer. Essentially computers more than 3 or 4 years old will not have the required hardware to install and run Windows 11.  Some of the requirements include, TPM 2.0, Graphics card with WDDM 2.0 or higher, and a compatible 64-bit processor.

Windows 11 is not for everyone right now, but it may be appropriate for some users. We expect Microsoft to make the Windows 11 upgrade more prominent (and aggressive) going forward in an effort to push users to Windows 11. If you would like to discuss a roll out plan for your business, please give us a call at (888) 600-4560 or email us at



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