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Planning a Post Pandemic Business

Planning a Post Pandemic Business

We are approximately one year into the COVID-19 pandemic depending on when you classify the starting time. (over a year since the first case or less since the official declaration of pandemic) Regardless of how the start time is classified, today vaccines are rolling out and new cases are on the decline.  This is certainly very welcome news.  It is safe to say that many businesses look different than they did a year ago. Adjusting to the pandemic required flexibility, innovation and in many cases technology to survive or perhaps even thrive. Obviously the vertical your business works in had a large effect on your ability to survive and/or thrive, but even in the hardest hit verticals, some businesses adapted and thrived. It is hard to think of an example that did not involve technology.  Now, another change is on the horizon as we prepare for post-pandemic business. Does your business have a plan?

The business plan for a post-pandemic world may look very different from business to business.  Some will return to the way they operated prior to the pandemic.  Some will never go back, and many will adopt a hybrid model of the two.  There is no right or wrong answer to how your business should respond to the coming end of the pandemic.  What works for one business may not work for another. One thing that is universal is that businesses should be planning for how they will respond and the time to do that planning is now.

Our advice is to keep options open and strive to flexibility. This is sometimes called optionality. The future is unknown to us all and it is reasonable to consider the possibility of a variant strain of COVID-19 that sets us back. It is reasonable to consider an economic slowdown, while hoping it does not occur. Our role here at Colden Company is to assist in setting your business up with the right technology solutions to give you the flexibility you are looking for while keeping our eye on data security for you.  We have a saying that there is a balance between usability and security.  The more usable something is, generally the less secure.  An example would be having a password of “cat”. It is very usable, but not very secure.  The most secure server is one that is turned off in a locked safe, the data will never get stolen in that scenario, but it is completely unusable.  The balance is somewhere in the middle of those extreme examples.  Our role is to help your business find the appropriate balance between the two.

Colden Company is here to help.  We assisted many businesses in transitioning safely to a remote worker program and can assist businesses in transitioning again as we move closer to a post-pandemic world. The planning starts with you. Think about your options and give us a call to discuss.  Once we understand your goals, we can assist in implementing the right technology to accomplish your goals and position your business for success in a post-pandemic environment.  Call us today at (888) 600-4560 or email us at and let’s get started!



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