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PC Sale!

PC Sale!

Upgrade your PC infrastructure!

The economy is improving and your tax refund is coming!  The time has come to update  your outdated PC infrastructure that has been neglected during the economic slowdown.

Benefits of new PC hardware are:

  • Increased system performance
  • Reduction of downtime due to aging hardware
  • Compatibility with new applications

All of which lead to the most important benefit affecting the bottom line which is greater employee productivity!

Colden Company Inc. is proud to announce a sale on Dell PC hardware between April 25 and the 29th, 2011. For our valued partners this means a 10% savings over already discounted pricing and 7% for our customers who are not under a partnership agreement. Take advantage of this limited time pricing!  Remember that if your business is standing still, you are losing ground to your competition that is moving ahead!

Please call us at (888) 600-4560 and ask for your account rep if you are a partner or for sales if your business is not yet a Colden Company partner,  or simply email us at .



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