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Microsoft Lists

Microsoft Lists

One of our goals is to help our customers get the full value out of their Microsoft 365 subscription. Many organizations sign up for Microsoft 365 to use it as an email platform and no more. Microsoft Exchange is arguably the gold standard for backend email so there is certainly value in that. However, here at Colden Company, we do not use the standard out-of-the-box implementation. We have a proven process of securing our client’s tenants to protect their valuable data. For example, is there any reason for your business to be accepting email from North Korea? Our security hardening process reduces your business risk by taking care of issues like the aforementioned.

In addition, Microsoft has included many applications that have value in the Microsoft subscription. We have written blog posts and conducted webinars on SharePoint, Teams, One Drive for Business and Power Automate. One product we have not yet touched on in a blog post is Microsoft Lists. As you can see from our Microsoft 365 implementation roadmap, Lists is one to utilize after the core components are in place.

Microsoft Lists are a great tool to tracking things, task lists and more. If you are familiar with SharePoint Lists, this is really Microsoft’s logical extension of SharePoint List into Microsoft Lists. Microsoft has many great templates to start from including:
• Asset Tracker
• Issue Tracker
• New Hire Tracker
• Employee Onboarding Checklist
• Work Progress Tracker

Here is an example of a Microsoft List for applicant tracking:

Lists can also be created from Excel sheets if you are currently using Excel to do this sort of thing today. Lists has many of the features you have in Excel like conditional formatting of data as well. Lists also integrates nicely into Teams so that your list is not just another silo of data that users have to search to find. If Teams is a central hub, a List can be added to a channel so users can access the List in a familiar location.

Finally, setting up alerts can be very beneficial. Would you like to be notified when a new record is added? Or if one is changed? There are a variety of options for alerts which can improve business process. We use Lists in several of our business processes here at Colden to help us stay organized.

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