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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

It is hard to believe that the year 2016 is here. We wish every one of our customers a very healthy and prosperous New Year. As time progresses forward, it is time to take stock of our technology as well. 2015 brought us many new technologies, including the release of Windows 10 and Office 2016 from Microsoft, iOS 9 and iPhone 6s from Apple, Android 6.0 from Google, and countless mobile software solutions, including new mobility-as-a-service offerings not to mention many advances in ERP systems from many vendors. Unfortunately, there were also advances in viruses and malware, more sophisticated phishing scams, and other security threats that require security solutions to continually update and upgrade to keep up with these threats.

The fresh start of a new year should be a time for optimism and new energy. The events of 2015, good or bad, are behind us and we have a new year ahead of us with new opportunities. Opportunities do not come to those who wait. A pearl of wisdom I am often reminded of is “When opportunity knocks, answer the door!”. or another Arabian proverb “Some things do not come back: The spoken word, the spent arrow and the missed opportunity.” The point, of course, is to be ready when an opportunity presents itself.

Is your business ready to seize those opportunities or is your business stuck in the past? Many failed businesses were once successful but failed to see the competition catching and surpassing them. If you are a regular reader of our blog postings you have heard the saying “if you are staying the same, you are falling behind.” It is an expression we use quite regularly here to remind our readers that technology advances, and it does so at a rapid pace. If you are not advancing with it, surely your competition is. The future belongs to those of you who are advancing.

Need a technology review? Contact us here at Colden Company to start your 2016 off on the right foot. Don’t let your competition pass you by. The technology world is continually presenting new opportunities. Are you going to answer the door?

The start of a new year is also a time to announce any rate changes we might make here at Colden Company. Last year, we announced some price reductions for several services such as our Cloud Email service. This year we are pleased to announce additional reductions that pertain to our Backup-as-a Service (BaaS) solution. We have some new options that can lower the cost of offsite backup and we are also announcing the reduction of costs for those who exceed the size of their backup plan. Due to volume discounts, we are able to drop the overage price from $2.50/GB to $1.25/GB. If you are a current BaaS customer with us, there is no action required on your part; you will see these reductions effective January 1, 2016.

Happy New Year! From everyone here at Colden Company, we wish you a healthy and prosperous 2016!

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