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Colden Company Attends MSP Summit

Colden Company Attends MSP Summit

This past September 13-16, Colden Company accepted our MSP 501 award in Orlando, Florida at the Channel Futures/Channel Partners MSP Summit.  The conference is more than a celebration of award winners, but also an opportunity for Managed Service Providers like us to sharpen our skills, see what new technology is out there in the marketplace and hear about what customer are looking for.

The theme of this year’s conference was “Leadership”. While many sessions focused on ways to improve leadership of our internal team, there was also information on how to be a better leader for our customers. A prerequisite to being a technology leader is to understand our customer. Here at Colden Company, we have built in touch points such as our life cycle planning and technology planning process and business direction planning.  These sessions can provide great value with engagement on both sides. In today’s world, everyone is busy, and everyone already has too many meetings on their schedule. However, as with anything else in life, you get out of it what you put into it.  At Colden Company, we make time for these types of planning exercises as we understand their importance to our customers and believe in the process.

Every business is a technology business.  This is more true today with so much digital transformation accelerated by the pandemic. Every business relies on technology to operate, and it is unlikely that this trend will reverse direction. The types of regular interactions like the ones described above are important so that we can help our customers utilize technology more efficiently and stay current.  We have saying here at Colden Company “If you are running your business the same way you were three or four years ago, you are not staying the same, you are falling behind”.  Technology and business solutions move ahead with time and if your business is not taking advantage of it, your competition likely is.

Help us be better technology leaders by engaging with us to allow us understand your business needs. In the end, the engagement process is a win-win. If you are a current customer, we will reach out to you to keep the conversation going.  If you are not a current Colden Company customer but would like to discuss how we can help move your business forward with technology, please call us at (888) 600-4560 or email us at .



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