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Best Practices for Building Trade Technicians

Best Practices for Building Trade Technicians

At Colden Company Inc., we work with many companies in the building trades. We have experience with many software vendors and consultants in that space and coupled with our personal backgrounds here, it makes us a very strong partner for those in the building trades. One of those software vendors we have worked with is Service Titan. Service Titan released some best practices for Service Techs that I thought we would share as they are applicable along with some commentary from us. Regardless of whether your business uses Service Titan, Field Edge, Build Ops or another, these best practices hold true.

1. Make the customer comfortable before you arrive.
Whether entering a business or private home, your customer should have a comfort level of who is entering their space and when you are expected. Communication is key.

2. Understand the customer before you arrive.
A prepared technician makes a good impression and will complete the job correctly and efficiently. Give your technicians the information they need to be successful.

3. Show you care.
Treat your customer space as you would your own space. Have company protocols regarding cleaning up, putting booties on and treating the customer. Ensure your system has ways of measuring that these things are being completed.

4. Continue communication.
Initial communication sets the tone for the visit. Continued communication throughout the visit and after the visit reinforce a positive customer experience.

5. Make recommendations while on the job.
Your technician should have tools like pricing books to be able to provide recommendations with pricing while in front of the customer.

6. Use past experience to improve.
Customer satisfaction surveys are a great way to get direct feedback from clients. Learn from negative experiences and reinforce positive experiences.

7. Use time wisely.
Time is money is almost any business. Ensure your technicians have the tools necessary to be time efficient. Track time so that it can be monitored and addressed.

8. Get the paperwork completed.
Proper documentation is key to good service. Technicians and Service Managers need to be able to review accurate and complete documentation for the best service customers. Again, the right tools are important.

Thank you to Service Titan for the list and if you have any questions regarding ways we can help your building trade business, please reach out to us at (888) 600-4560 or via email at



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