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Tools for Browsing Safely

Posted on: March 29th, 2019 by jiml | No Comments

One of the more common ways that computer users pick up malware and viruses is through web browsing.  Often times, users are not trying to be malicious, they are trying to accomplish something constructive.  Perhaps they are searching for the latest update for Adobe Reader and click on the first link they see without checking to make sure the site is really Adobe.  If it is not a legitimate site, users can easily download viruses or malware unwittingly.  This malware can cause the business a loss of productivity and real dollars to combat and clean up. This scenario is repeated across businesses everywhere every day.

The good news is there are tools to help prevent this type of problem from occurring at your business.  We will focus on two in this post.  The first is our web protection tool. Web protection is a program that runs behind the scenes on your computers and compares Internet sites against a list of known bad sites or sites your company has chosen to block.  In the example above, the user would receive a message that the site they clicked on has been blocked for their protection. Web protection offers a lot of flexibility for a business.  Management can create different policies for different users.  For example, if a company wanted to block social media sites but allow it for their marketing team so company sites can be kept up to date, that is possible.  Not every user should have the same policies and web protection offers that flexibility.

There is another tool available as well for safer browsing called Application Guard. If you have Windows 10 and the appropriate hardware behind it, Application Guard can be activated within Microsoft’s Edge browser.  Application Guard will essentially open web pages in the Edge browser in a contained virtual environment. Anything that happens in the session stays within the session and dies with the session.  This means any malware infections would corrupt the virtual browser and not infect the computer itself.  Simply closing the Application Guard browser kills the virtual machine and any infections along with it.  In technical circles, Application Guard is referred to as a sandbox.  You can play in the sandbox and what happens there stays there. (Sounds like a catch phrase for a certain city in Nevada doesn’t it?)  Application Guard is not turned on by default and there is some thought that should be put behind it before deployment.

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Back to School and Back to Work

Posted on: August 31st, 2012 by jiml | No Comments

As summer vacations come to an end, focus returns to work and school. For some parents, it is sending a child off to college, while for others with younger children, it may be starting their youngster in school for the first time. Others still may be starting high school with their new laptop.  As a parent, the Internet is a scary place to leave your child unattended.  It is imperative to protect your kids from online predators as well as keeping them off of web sites that are not suitable for kids.  There are many software options that can help do that.  Unfortunately, kids are often the technical gurus in the house and can easily thwart whatever attempts the parents put in place.  Colden Company can recommend some very nice solutions that can be installed, hidden from view, and provide nice email reports to the parent about exactly what web sites your child has been to, who they are chatting with, and more.  This is nice information to have as a parent.

In the workplace, the Internet is also a scary place to leave employees. There have been countless studies on how much productivity is lost to sites like Faceook and Pinterest.  Web content filtering is a recommended solution for today’s work environment.  We have written postings in the past about the importance of developing your company policies before enacting technology.  Let your employees know what is acceptable and what is not, otherwise your business will be on shaky ground during a human resources dispute.

Web content filtering products range in price and complexity. For some businesses, a basic solution will do the job and for others, a more advanced solution may be required.  In determining which solution is appropriate, consider the estimated cost to your business of unnecessary web surfing versus the cost of implementing and maintaining a solution. What problem are you trying to solve?  Do you have one or two rogue employees you want to watch over or are you interested in a company-wide solution?  Is it important to have quality reporting on who is attempting to violate your content policy? It is important to put some thought into exactly what you are looking to accomplish before researching products.

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