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Keeping Perspective

Posted on: July 31st, 2015 by jiml | No Comments

Computers can be frustrating. Anyone who has experienced a problem with their PC or tablet at a critical time can relate to that statement. In this month’s blog posting we are going to provide some tools to help alleviate some of that frustration.

Of course we are going to begin with the recommendation that you partner with Colden Company and our excellent support team. Most companies talk about having excellent customer service, but our customers have proven it for us. We recently conducted our annual satisfaction surveys and were given a rating of 9.75 out of 10 by our customers! We also conduct random surveys upon completion of tickets to make sure we are doing our job to the best of our ability and – most importantly – to our customers’ satisfaction. In the year we have been conducting post-ticket surveys, we have had 100% satisfaction! We will strive to continue to do excellent work for our customers and thank them for their kind words and support. We are always eager to hear your feedback and ideas for what more we can be doing to help make your business a success.

Next, help yourself by making yourself more comfortable with the tools that you use every day. For example, if you are a very heavy Microsoft Excel user, be sure you are well-trained in using that application. If budgets are tight as they are in most places, there is a lot of free content available to choose from online. If you are just looking for a refresher on what is new in the latest version of Excel, try checking out our own Colden Company College and watch our Excel 2013 Overview video. Our video library will be growing over time and provides relatively quick and informative videos to help you or your staff become more productive. And they are free! If there are topics you want to see covered, let us know.

A final piece of advice is to keep perspective. Along those lines, I would like to talk about something that helps me to keep things in perspective – our charitable work. Our partner organization, Colden Charities, is now conducting our annual fundraiser. Colden Charities has worked with the Saint Francis Shelter in Saint Augustine Florida and donated to causes such as the Wounded Warrior Foundation and the Alzheimer’s Association, among many others. Our fundraising efforts again this year are specifically going to our partner organization in the Philippines, Playnet Inc. Over the last few years, donations have helped rebuild a school that burned down, built a new school in one of the poorer areas outside of Davao City, and provided much-needed school supplies. For this year’s event, some of the needs include tables and chairs. During my recent visit to Davao, I had the opportunity to visit Playnet to discuss needs and here are a sampling of some photos of the current tables and chairs in use by students.


As you can see, these are not schools where every child has a text book and a desk. These are children who have fallen outside of the public school system and whose only means of getting an education is from these schools that we are supporting. Teachers here are doing their best to provide an elementary education to children and are having success doing so. Recently, the first pupil from a Playnet school was able to move on to secondary education. More hope to follow as the good folks at Playnet work to keep kids in their program. This is often very difficult as these children come from poor families and often the families want their kids to work rather than attend school. There are many similar needs such as a wall repair, fixes to a damaged exterior, patches to the floor, etc. which can give these kids a safe place to learn.

We are very proud to be supporting this effort and if you feel compelled in any way, we would appreciate your support. Donations can be made on the web site Your support is humbly appreciated.

Colden Company is here to help you with any technology issues you may have. Call us at (888) 600-4560, email us, or see us on Facebook or Twitter.

Colden Charities Inc. – Colden Company Gives Back

Posted on: March 30th, 2012 by billp | No Comments

Colden Company believes in giving back to our community and the world through our charity work and donations through Colden Charities Inc., a registered 501c3 organization.

Some of the projects we have been involved in are

  • Post-tsunami rebuilding in Galle, Sri Lanka
  • Post-Katrina cleanup and supply distribution in Ocean Springs, MS
  • Partial funding and building an orphanage for underprivileged children in Oropesa, Peru
  • Support for Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington DC
  • Volunteer at local soup kitchens in Saint Augustine FL
  • Support for the Wounded Warrior Project

Currently we are active in supporting an organization called Playnet Inc. operating in the Philippines which helps children that do not have access to the public education system get an education. Playnet helps poor children of all faiths attend schools that are established with the assistance of local parents and community members. The schools are not the type of school that we send our children to in the United States. School houses are often one-room buildings, books are limited, and text books are non-existent. Electricity is not even a given in these areas. The children that attend these schools are grateful for the opportunity to learn and are an inspiring group. We are proud to partner with Playnet Inc. to give these kids an opportunity.

If you’d like to help our efforts to assist Playnet, Inc., please click the Donate button on our Colden Charities page. All donation go directly to support the cause of Playnet, Inc.

Colden Company Inc. Fund Raiser

Posted on: September 10th, 2010 by jiml | 1 Comment

Colden Company Inc. is proud to sponsor Playnet Inc., an organization dedicated to helping educate under-privileged children who do not have access to public education in the Philippines. Playnet is conducting a fund raising dinner event as the new school year has started.  Jim Lapointe will be participating in a fund-raising effort here in the United States.  Jim will be combining his love of hiking and charity and asking for sponsors for his Sept 17th hike to raise much needed funds for the Playnet kids.  The hike will be 12.5 miles and sponsors have the choice of a flat donation or a dollar amount per mile.  If you are interested in sponsoring Jim, please email and help this worthy cause.