In today’s world, securing your network is not optional, it is a requirement. There are growing threats from viruses, trojans, spyware, root kits, hack attempts, data breaches and more. American businesses face real threats from hackers in other countries that are paid a premium to hack them. Automated attacks searching for vulnerabilities make every business a target. Small to mid-size businesses are especially vulnerable because they lack the resources to recognize and defend against these attacks.

We view a layered approach as the best way to make your network more secure. User education, proper network usage and password policies, firewalls, content filtering, network monitoring and reliable and verifiable backup are all tools that should combined to make your network a hard to hit target. Colden Company can offer a variety of solutions to meet your organization’s security needs, such as awareness training, vulnerability scanning, security risk assessments and much more.

Data and security breaches have significant cost to them, both in dollars and the reputation of your business. If your business is subject to regulations that require data security, those costs can escalate significantly. Protect your good name, your bottom line and your data with good security practices.

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