Business opportunities do not wait until you are ready to receive them. The ability to access information quickly and process that information from where ever you are can make or break a project. Colden Company has experience with a variety of mobile devices, including Blackberry, iPhone, Android and various tablets from the iPad to the Surface Pro. Our customers are taking advantage of mobile computing not only to access email but also to access information systems or line of business applications. Project Managers, Doctors and Executives can leverage their mobile devices to give their business a step up on the competition. Mobility is particularly critical for the construction vertical where getting information to and from the job site in a timely manner can make the difference between profit and loss. Our handheld solutions make the difference.

Security of data that resides on these mobile devices is a concern as the workforces becomes irreversibly more mobile. Colden Company offers Mobile Device Management to provide such features as remotely wiping devices that are lost, forced pin codes, app tracking, location tracking and more.

Case Study: A Colden Company customer came to us wanting to use iPads for their sales team. We helped integrate the iPads back to the office network so that the sales team had access to the updated presentations. The customer says sales have increased by allowing the iPad to showcase their products more effectively.

Case Study: A Colden Company customer wanted their techs in the field to have access to a specific Windows based application. This would allow them to streamline the delivery of a new business line. Colden prepared a fleet of Surface Pro tablets complete with the necessary software and peripherals which made the new business line launch a success.