BC/DR Planning

A critical component of any information technology environment is the backup and disaster recovery portion of the solution, but this is often overlooked. With the increasing threats of data breaches and malware that encrypts your data this stage of planning is more critical than ever.

Business continuity and disaster recovery goes beyond simple file backup. Backup is not disaster recovery. Colden Company ensures that any solution we present to a customer has disaster recovery in mind.

Colden Company has a broad range of skills including risk assessments, business impact analysis and business continuity test planning. Business Continuity plans should be tested and updated on a regular basis. At Colden Company we work with our customers to make sure their Business Continuity plans are realistic and they have the tools and resources to get the job done.

Case Study: A Colden Company customer knew it was time to update their disaster recovery plans. When we sat down and reviewed their plan, we found that much of what they considered critical data was not part of the disaster recovery plan. Lesson learned that periodic reviews of your DR plan is necessary to ensure it will be there when needed.

Make sure your plans are documented, tested and realistic; contact the experts at Colden Company.