Backup & Recovery

Backing up your data is critical. As anyone who has lost a file, or had a hard drive crash can tell you the right backup can make the difference between a minor hassle and a really bad day. The question becomes what is the right way to backup that data. Today the marketplace is providing business with many alternatives that are affordable and easy to use and implement. Some solutions are merely extensions of consumer grade file backups, and some are truly solutions designed to for businesses.

Image level backups are also affordable and preferable for ease of recovery, particularly for critical servers where every minute of downtime is costing your business money. Image level backups are ideal for critical PC’s as well.

Case Study: An important server at one of Colden Company’s customers site crashed. The blue-screen of death as it is sometime referred to, was all that would appear when booting. The hardware checked out fine and the solution was unfortunately to rebuild the server from the base operating system. Using our image-based backup system, we restored the server from 30 minutes prior and had the system back up and running within the hour. A process that would have taken days with a traditional backup system was reduced to minutes.

Getting the right backup solution to protect your data is vital. Before you invest in a solution, contact the backup experts at Colden Company.