Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Colden Company is certified by the Disaster Recovery Institute as Certified Business Continuity Planners.  Our customers benefit from our years of experience assisting customers in preparing comprehensive disaster recovery and disaster avoidance plans. Our approach is a top-down approach where we examine the critical business functions first and work down to the supporting systems, hardware and personnel.

Among the many additional services associated with disaster recovery services are off site backup or cloud backup, which we offer starting at as little as $4/month and virtual server recovery, also very affordable for small and mid size business. Do you have laptops in the field that need backup? Critical servers that need a quick recovery time? We’ll listen to your needs and provide the right solution to fit your business needs.

See how a Datto Backup and Disaster Recovery Device (BDR) supported by Colden Company can enhance your data security, and give your business true disaster recovery capabilities. At Colden Company, we have been in the BDR business for many years. See why our partnership with Datto is the BDR solution you can count on!