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Who is driving the communication tools at your business?

Who is driving the communication tools at your business?

As the summer season is here and employees are taking vacation time, there are unique business communication challenges that crop up. Today’s vacations are rarely fully unplugged vacations where an employee disappears for two weeks and returns fresh and completely unaware of what transpired over that time frame. In today’s connected world, even vacationers are checking email and staying connected to their job in a variety of ways.

That variety of ways to stay connected with information remotely is an important topic for us to consider. Are the methods your employees are using to communicate secure and driven by the company or are they using solutions that employees have implemented themselves to bypass a particular set of problems? For example, we have seen countless times where employees setup up personal Dropbox accounts and store company information on those accounts. This allows the employee to access that information from home or from vacation. As a business is this what you want? Once company data is taken from the secured company environment and placed outside of that, you as a business lose control over the security of that data. Do you really want your sales people having the capability of dumping customer lists onto their Dropbox accounts?

As a business, you want to drive the tools your company uses. Taking our example above, there are secure cloud synchronization tools that can be deployed. The business sets up the access and permission levels while still allowing cloud access through a browser or mobile device for those users out in the field or on that summer vacation. If that salesman were to leave the company, instead of being in a situation where you do not know what information he or she has taken off with, you can remove access as part of your exiting employee checklist.

This is, of course, just a single example of the many tools available for collaboration. Slack channels are becoming popular as a communication tool, replacing other instant messenger type applications. The issue is again, who is driving the use of those tools? Is that communication recorded in case of a legal requirement? Are these tools taking away the effectiveness of the company tools your business has already laid out? These are questions that require asking and perhaps the most important question is “Is your business reacting to the communication trends on the market or do you have a strategy to implement secure and productivity enhancing tools for your employees?”.

At Colden Company, we have experience guiding businesses toward manageable and secure solutions that increase productivity. Whether it be implementing MDM (Mobile Device Management) solutions to control what company data and applications are pushed to mobile devices, or implementing collaboration tools like Skype for Business or Slack, we can provide your business with those productivity gains while reducing the risk exposure. As we like to say at Colden Company, “If you are running your business the same way you were three or four years ago, you are not staying the same, you are falling behind”. Your competition isn’t staying still and neither should you.

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