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What Do Businesses Want From Their IT Company?

What Do Businesses Want From Their IT Company?

The question “What do businesses want from their IT company?” is a question we have been asking both formally and informally for many years here at Colden Company in an effort to make sure we are providing our customers with the best possible service. At a recent conference we attended, the same question was posed to businesses around the country by CompTIA for their annual study of the MSP market. As much as I would like to believe we have been selected by our clients for our technical expertise and the numerous technical certifications we hold as a result in our investment in continuing education, it is not the top factor in choosing an IT company. (It is a factor in retaining customers and customer satisfaction) Being able to resolve the technical problems is expected and while this is an underlying reason why many business choose to switch IT companies, it is not on the top item businesses look for when asked. What is the top quality businesses are looking for when choosing an IT vendor? Responsiveness.

Colden Company is very proud of our responsiveness and this is most often listed on our satisfaction surveys as a reason our customers have given us a 98% rating. According to a study done by SAManage, the average helpdesk response time to a high priority issue is eighteen (18) hours. Low priority issues take even longer on average to get a response. Here at Colden Company, we conducted a six month study of our response times in 2015 and found that we handled over 90% of customer calls immediately by answering the phone with a qualified technician and our response to emailed support requests was an astonishing 10 minutes.

If responsiveness is the top quality when searching for an IT vendor, what is the top concern that businesses want their IT company to address? According to the 2015 CompTIA MSP survey, a new item is at the top of the list: security. It is understandable, in these times, why security would have moved to the top of the list. Did you know that Colden Company has a Security Service offering? We perform a basic audit of your systems, looking at password requirements, conduct an active directory review, vulnerability scanning and much more. The protections that kept your business safe five years ago, or even a year ago, may not be enough in today’s environment. Security threats are on the rise both in terms of the number and severity. That is why we, at Colden Company, have pursued additional expertise in this area and are Security + certified as well as Disaster Recovery certified. We understand the threats that are out there that can harm your business. Let us help you protect your business and your critical data. As recent news stories show us, most companies are not aware of their security vulnerabilities. Call us to discuss a review of your network and data security. Better to spend time preventing a breach than recovering from one.

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