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The Windows 10 November Release is Coming

The Windows 10 November Release is Coming

Microsoft releases two major updates to Windows 10 each year.  The second one for the calendar year 2019 is set for release. (version 1909) As with most releases you may notice your disk space fluctuate as Microsoft is pushing down the release in advance of deployment. Also, as with other Windows 10 releases you can defer them for a period of time.

This release contains many fixes and updates, most of which will not affect your day to day use of the computer. For example, Microsoft has made some underlying security improvements and made some power efficiency improvements for certain hardware. This update is expected to contain fewer updates than a typical semi-annual release and install more quickly consequently. 

One new feature is the ability to create reminders right from the Calendar flyout on the task bar (lower right corner). You can pick your date and time and location for reminders.  See figure 1 below for a visual:

The start menu will now show you expanded items if you hover over an icon in the menu. Previously you need to click on it to see the contents.

There are also several improvements to notifications. It is now more clear to discern action pane notifications and banner notifications.  You can disable sound for all notification rather than app by app.

Click here for a nice article that summarizes some of the key customer facing improvements in more detail.

NOTE:  As a reminder, if you are running Windows 7, that operating system will reach end of life on January 14, 2020. That means Microsoft will no longer support or patch the operating system.  This makes Windows 7 a security concern after the end of life date and we advise users to upgrade to Windows 10.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us at (888) 600-4560 by phone, or via email.



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