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Back to School and Back to Work

Posted on: August 31st, 2012 by jiml | No Comments

As summer vacations come to an end, focus returns to work and school. For some parents, it is sending a child off to college, while for others with younger children, it may be starting their youngster in school for the first time. Others still may be starting high school with their new laptop.  As a parent, the Internet is a scary place to leave your child unattended.  It is imperative to protect your kids from online predators as well as keeping them off of web sites that are not suitable for kids.  There are many software options that can help do that.  Unfortunately, kids are often the technical gurus in the house and can easily thwart whatever attempts the parents put in place.  Colden Company can recommend some very nice solutions that can be installed, hidden from view, and provide nice email reports to the parent about exactly what web sites your child has been to, who they are chatting with, and more.  This is nice information to have as a parent.

In the workplace, the Internet is also a scary place to leave employees. There have been countless studies on how much productivity is lost to sites like Faceook and Pinterest.  Web content filtering is a recommended solution for today’s work environment.  We have written postings in the past about the importance of developing your company policies before enacting technology.  Let your employees know what is acceptable and what is not, otherwise your business will be on shaky ground during a human resources dispute.

Web content filtering products range in price and complexity. For some businesses, a basic solution will do the job and for others, a more advanced solution may be required.  In determining which solution is appropriate, consider the estimated cost to your business of unnecessary web surfing versus the cost of implementing and maintaining a solution. What problem are you trying to solve?  Do you have one or two rogue employees you want to watch over or are you interested in a company-wide solution?  Is it important to have quality reporting on who is attempting to violate your content policy? It is important to put some thought into exactly what you are looking to accomplish before researching products.

Colden Company has experience in web content filtering solutions for home and business. Contact us at (888) 600-4560, email us at or see us on Facebook or Twitter (@coldenco) – if your company policy allows it, of course!

Stepping up Security

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In today’s digital age, securing your critical information – whether it be personal information or business information – is increasingly difficult. Threats are increasing both in number and in complexity and sophistication. Threats can come from individuals, groups, companies, or even governments.  In January, a Venezuelan diplomat launched a cyber attack here in the United States, aimed at disrupting our nuclear industry.   

U.S. authorities probing alleged cyberattack plot by Venezuela, Iran

Many customers have asked us about the real risk to their network.  “Why would a hacker target my business?” they ask.  Our answer is that hackers probably are not specifically targeting your business, but hackers will scan IP address ranges for weaknesses; when they find one, they attempt to exploit it to see what information they can get.  Prior to the scan, they may have no idea it is your business they are targeting, but nonetheless, hackers are an opportunistic bunch. If your business happens to have open ports on its firewall , unpatched servers or workstations, or even workstations with weak passwords, it is a matter of time before those weaknesses are exploited. According to the Department of Homeland Security, an unprotected computer connected to the Internet will become infected in a matter of minutes – not hours or days or weeks. You don’t have to be surfing the Internet to become infected; you just have to have a weakness through which your computer can become infected.

As you can see, security is paramount.  Last month we spoke about the need to protect your smartphones. A layered approach to security is required to protect your business.  Firewalls are a must, preferably hardware firewalls that do not rely on users’ input (allow or disallow access) for configuration like many software firewalls.  Additional layers of protection are necessary since most firewalls will have open ports (which need to be properly secured) for typical business traffic.  Hackers understand this as well, so it is important to have additional layers of protection such as anti-spam and anti-virus protection and software firewalls.  Strong password policies are also critical for protection. Don’t allow your business users to have local administrator privileges; is it is not necessary. Have policies in place to prevent infections or breaches and also with how to deal with those breaches of security.

Colden Company Inc. offers our customers services where we can help detect hacking attempts, perform penetration testing to ensure your network is locked down from the Internet, be notified immediately of virus infections (even for laptops out in the field), and be notified of patching deficiencies for Microsoft and third-party software. We can backup your critical data to a secure off-site location to protect you from losses. We can provide you with best-of-breed anti-spam solutions and email continuity solutions. These services are becoming a necessity as the digital age will continue to become more dangerous.  Ask us how we can help your business protect itself from the ever-increasing threats. Please contact us at (888) 600-4560, email us at or see us on Facebook or Twitter.

August 2010: The Future is Here!

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Over the years various technologies have been hailed as “game changing” technologies.  Certainly the Internet was one.  Smart phones, cloud computing and virtual computing are also game changing technologies that have altered the way businesses operate.   Managed Services is also a technology buzzword that has permeated the industry in recent years as an alternative way to manage that technology.  Essentially managed services are software services that proactively monitor the critical resources on your network, allowing for response to a problem before end users may realize a problem even exists. Managed Services software can gather data for trend analysis and provide administrators with better data to manage the resources on the network.  This is certainly a step up in class of service and a worthwhile endeavor.  Reductions in down time and better planning tools can save businesses money, albeit difficult to quantify.  At Colden Company Inc., we are aiming even higher.

What if your management software could not only report on problems, but actually fix them? Now that is a game changing solution for businesses. The future is here already!  Colden Company customers are already enjoying such benefits.  Have a service that sometimes does not start properly on your server?  Set the management software to check and restart it automatically.  No more help desk calls to resolve the issue when the problem occurs. Need to know which PC’s have licensed software?  Let the assets inventory features tell you before you buy extra licenses.  Need to know where your IT dollars are going?  Allow the reporting mechanisms to show you graphically where you problems are occurring.

The goal of technology should always be to increase revenue or decrease costs. Managed service from Colden Company Inc. can reduce your overall IT costs, by reducing downtime, providing better management data and reducing help desk calls. That means a better bottom line for your business.  The future is here!  Call us at (518) 885-2857 for more information.