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Improve Your Business Process

Posted on: June 30th, 2021 by jiml | No Comments

The point of business technology is to either increase revenue or decrease costs. We advise our customers to debate that point when evaluating technology to see if it is a good fit for their business.  If it is not clear how the technology will benefit the business in this manner, think carefully about whether that technology is right for you.

One way in which technology can decrease cost is by improving efficiency.  For example, faster computers allow for the faster completion of tasks and less labor time spent on the tasks. This is a common justification for periodic upgrades which is widely accepted. Beyond hardware, we are in an age where automation can make a significant impact on efficiency. Tasks that can happen automatically do not require human interaction and the associated labor costs. If you are a Colden Company customer you are already benefitting from automation and you may not realize it. One standard piece of automation we run is cleaning up of temporary files on workstations.  As computers are used to do daily work temporary files build up on your computer.  Over time a large number of files can build up causing your computer to have to sift through those large number of files to find what it needs. We use automation to clear out those files to keep our customer’s systems running optimally. We use automation for alerting us to potential problems on your system so we can address before the problem occurs.

In your business, automation can improve business process.  The question is how? The answer to that comes from you.  You know your business and your business process better than anyone.  It pays dividends to examine those processes periodically and do so with automation in mind.  What processes could be automated using tools like Microsoft Power Automate to speed up or better organize your business process. Power Automate is a powerful tool that can speed up your business process by automatically routing certain emails with attachments to a SharePoint site as an example.  Power Automate has a nice approval process for tasks like invoice approval that automatically route invoices via email with approve or deny buttons inside the email. You can configure text notifications of certain emails if you like as another example.  Microsoft has a library of commonly used “flows” as they call them that other businesses are using for automation. Can your business benefit from automation?  If you would like to have a discussion about your business process and how tools like Power Automate can help, please give us a call at (888) 600-4560 or email us at and we can schedule a discussion.

Another Case Study in Value

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In past blog posts we have spoken about getting the value out of Microsoft 365 subscriptions. We would like to share another case study with you to show how partnering with Colden Company can help solve business problems.

Case Study #2

The Business Problem: Hays Service in Macon, GA, was using Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) and other ancillary products to support its business. Hays Service made the decision to migrate to Microsoft 365 and use the wide range of business tools included in a Microsoft 365 subscription to consolidate, simplify, and enhance business processes that previously required multiple tools from multiple vendors.

The Colden Company Solution: Colden Company started by migrating Hays Service email from G Suite to Exchange Online, one of the cornerstone workloads of the Microsoft 365 cloud and a typical entry point for most new Microsoft 365 customers. Once email was migrated, the next step was to expand the use of Microsoft 365 tools and applications. Microsoft 365 is much more than email, yet many customers do not take advantage of the full suite of applications. Hay Service was not going to make this mistake.

Microsoft Teams was next to be rolled out to all Hays Service employees – both in the office and in the field. Hays Service started with a basic Teams implementation – one-to-one and one-to-many chat, a few basic teams and channels, meetings and calls, etc. But armed with the knowledge that Teams is a platform for business improvement and not simply a messaging and meetings tool, Hays Service took its use of Teams much further. Hays Service’s goal was to consolidate as much as possible into Teams to fully realize Microsoft’s vision of Teams as the “hub for teamwork” and not force employees to switch between multiple application throughout the day.

Over the next several weeks, Hays Service and Colden Company collaborated (often using Teams, of course!) and implemented the following business enhancements:

· Using a proven Colden Company methodology, Hays Service created a solid foundation for a Teams rollout by using Azure Active Directory Premium P1 to control team “sprawl” and implement governance, policies, and security around Teams.

· Using Power Automate integration with Teams, a flow was implemented to remind field employees to check in and provide status on projects, keeping the flow of information between the field and the office regarding projects current.

· Using Microsoft Planner, tabs are added to channels to keep work on track, accountable, and consistent from job to job. Integration of Tasks in Teams allows employees to track work assignments without leaving Teams – whether that work is stored in Microsoft To Do or Planner.

· Using Microsoft SharePoint – another cornerstone workload of Microsoft 365 – a secure shared company-wide calendar was implemented to keep all employees updated regarding employee personal time off, birthdays, holidays, and other notable events.

· Using a combination of Microsoft Lists (SharePoint), Microsoft Forms, Azure Active Directory, Power Automate, and Teams, an end-to-end leave/time-off request and approval workflow was implemented with Teams as the front-end. Employees request leave using a form added as a tab in Teams; Power Automate picks up the request, queries Azure Active Directory for the employee’s manager, and sends an approval request to the manager; Power Automate routes

the approval response back to the employee and the result is recorded in Microsoft Lists for record keeping and visibility to Human Resources.

The Result: Hays Service chose to reimagine work and take full advantage of the Microsoft 365 platform, providing its employees with the tools to achieve more with innovative apps, intelligent cloud services, and world-class security. From the office to the field and back again, Hays Service is using Microsoft 365 as the foundation for a new way of working – and they’re only just getting started.

Hays Service Says: Colden Company made our transition into Microsoft 365 very easy and relatively painless. They took our ideas and suggestions about the needs we had for streamlining our office processes and developed a solid plan of action. M365 makes communication within our company so much easier and the possibilities for the future enhancement limitless.” -Alyssa Mathews, Service Coordinator, Hays Service

Are you interested in seeing how Colden Company can propel your business forward? Contact us by phone at (888) 600-4560 or email us at and let’s collaborate!


Colden Company Partners with ProCon Solutions

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Colden Company is proud to announce our partnership with ProCon Solutions. At Colden Company Inc. we have a saying that we focus on our customers IT needs so they can focus on running their business.  ProCon Solutions can help those businesses that may need some assistance in areas such as business process, business improvement and more.  Please see the information below  from ProCon Solutions including a special offer for our customers:


Is Your Business Looking for Improvement Opportunities?

Ask yourself 3 Simple Questions:

  • Are you considering making an Accounting System Change?
  • Does your team struggle with time constraints each month?
  • Do your employees often suggest that “there must be an easier way to get things done”?

If you answered yes to any question above – ProCon Solutions can help!

ProCon Solutions provides businesses with the expertise needed to elevate internal communication and initiate a plan of action.  Our team has over 20 years of experience in improving operational efficiencies, productivity and accounting procedures – ProCon Solutions saves YOUR business time, money and the headaches associated with business growth.


**New Promotional   Offer**

For NEW clients ProCon Solutions is  now offering one FREE* assessment from the list below. 


Your FREE assessment includes   40 hours of Consulting to include

(a site visit and phone follow up to review the chosen assessment)

 *Travel Expenses to be   reimbursed by the client


1.            Accounting System Assessment (A.S.A):

Are you thinking about making accounting system improvements to your business?  This assessment is a Module by Module review of your current Accounting System functions and capabilities. We analyze and present available opportunities for improvement.

2.            Workflow Procedure Assessment (W.P.A):

Is your team looking for the ability to streamline processes and perform daily/monthly transactions in a timely manner?  This assessment is a review of current Workflow used in processing transactions in your Account System and a time/resource measurement of where recommended changes may be applied.

3.            User Experience Assessment (U.E.A.):

Do your employees often express frustration with your current system? This assessment consists of a    “sit down” with your employee’s to monitor, document and suggest areas for enhancing their user experience.

Each assessment includes  an Executive Summary.

The Executive Summary  outlines a detailed breakdown of strengths and weaknesses, providing insight  for improvement opportunities.

For clients wishing to choose more than one assessment – discounted pricing will be made available during the quoting process

 To Learn More Visit our website at or Call Us @ (518) 209-7567