Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is another area of technology that is considered “green”. The ability to run your business on systems that you do not have to maintain is an attractive proposition. Cloud applications are Internet accessible applications that can be delivered as a service. The maintaining of hardware, licensing and backups are left to the service provider.

Cloud computing can be utilized for email, line of business applications, file storage or backup. For email solutions, Colden Company provides Hosted Exchange, Google Apps or Office 365 solutions for your business.

Line of business applications and cloud-based file storage solutions can also benefit a business. This is where a partnership with Colden Company can propel your business. We are cloud computing experts and have the necessary experience to guide your business in the right direction.

Case Study: “Email is critical” – said one Colden Company customer as we were discussing options to upgrade their mail server. Colden Company migrated their email to our cloud-based Hosted Exchange platform giving them guaranteed uptime and no upfront costs.