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Security Mistakes Businesses Make

Security Mistakes Businesses Make

Many of our blog postings have something to do with data security in one form or another. The reason is because today’s world is different than the world was five years ago. If you have not changed the way you are securing your critical data and systems over that time, your measures are likely no longer sufficient. Threats like ransomware present significant risks to businesses today. Did you know your business could get fined by the FTC if your business becomes the victim of ransomware? Here are some of the top mistakes we see being made in regards to security:

  • Using the same passwords for different uses
    We are still seeing the repercussions from the LinkedIn hack a few years ago. If you were notified about the hack and just changed your LinkedIn password, you may not have done enough. The hackers had a list of emails and passwords from the hack and then tried those same credentials at different sites. “Let’s see if those credentials work on Facebook…..or Chase bank perhaps.” If you are using the same password for multiple applications you are at risk if one of those sites is compromised.
  •  Not keeping employees up-to-date on security threats
    As we mentioned in the introduction, the world is changing and new security threats are out there such as ransomware, scareware and social engineering scams. Are your employees or coworkers up to speed on the threats they might face? Do they know how to react if they encounter one? Awareness training is a key component to a comprehensive security plan.
  • Not using web browsing controls
    Web browsing controls, sometimes called content filtering, used to be considered an optional item for businesses. In today’s environment, we consider it a necessity. A good content filter will block known bad sites to prevent users from accidentally (or purposefully) going to site that can infect their business computer. There are many forms of malware that attack through web browsers. You should have the mindset that when you are using a web browser, you are in the danger zone. Web browsing involves connecting to other computers that your organization does not control and must trust.
  • Failing to review security policy and protective measures regularly
    This is how businesses fall behind the curve with security. Systems are put in place and the security of those systems are never regularly reviewed to see if they are keeping up with the evolving security threats they might face. Who is responsible for this in your organization?

These are just a few of the mistakes we see businesses making. The result is that your business is put at risk. Are you making any of these mistakes? Contact us at Colden Company and see how we can help remediate these issues for you and protect your critical data and systems. Call us at 888-600-4560, email us, or visit us on Facebook or Twitter.



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