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Microsoft Announces Lync 2010

Microsoft Announces Lync 2010

Microsoft announced the arrival of its newest office product, called Lync 2010.  Lync is considered a convergence of communication methods providing a combination Instant Messenger (IM) client, soft phone and video collaboration tool.  The tool is designed to serve as a potential replacement for the traditional PBX phone system.  In one consolidated interface, users will be able to place calls, video conference or IM.

Those businesses that are already embedded with Microsoft technology may be interested in this product.  It has strong interconnections to Exchange, SharePoint and other Microsoft products.  For example, if a user’s calendar shows you have a meeting at 1 o’clock, the IM interface will automatically update your status based on your calendar.  Other integration points allow you to pick from your contacts and contact them via any one of the available methods.

Microsoft has also tacked the issue of E911 by detecting your location, solving one of the primary objections to soft phone technologies. Lync 2010 will be released officially in January. If you are interested in hearing more about this technology, please feel free to contact us at Colden Company at (518) 885-2857 or toll free at (888) 600-4560.



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