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Is Your Web Site Ready for Browser Security Changes?

Is Your Web Site Ready for Browser Security Changes?

Did you know that starting in July 2018 with the release of Google Chrome 68, Google will be marking all web sites that connect via HTTP as insecure ? Google is pushing companies to create secure connections to their web sites by using HTTPS. HTTPS differs from HTTP in that it uses encryption to create a secure connection from the user to the web site rather than a clear text connection that a traditional HTTP connection would create. Many of you are likely familiar with HTTPS from going to banking sites or retail sites that want to protect the communication from the customer to the web site.

Other browsers are also moving in the same direction. Mozilla has committed to doing the same in future releases of Firefox.

Is your company web site ready for this? If not, when potential customers attempt to visit your web site they will be see a message that the site is not secure which can turn away potential business.

What do I need to do?

In order to allow users to connect to your web site using a secure connection (HTTPS), your website will need a security certificate. The proper installation of a security certificate on your web host will ensure a secure connection to your site visitors. Please note that installing a certificate does not secure the web site itself, only the connection. The backend files are not any more protected after a security certificate is installed as before.

Upon completion of the certificate install, there might be some changes needed to your web site code to ensure your pages are using HTTPS by default. Consult your web developer for this.

The good news is that the move to HTTPS has already gained momentum. Over half of the sites on the Internet are already using HTTPS. The end result will be a more secure Internet for all of us.

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