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IBM is withdrawing AIX 5.3

IBM is withdrawing AIX 5.3

IBM is withdrawing AIX 5.3 from its product suite effective 4/29/11

Exhibit A:

Program Number VRM Announced Available Marketing Withdrawn Service Discontinued
5765-E62 5.02.0 2004/07/13 2004/08/20 2009/04/30
5765-G03 5.03.0 2004/07/13 2004/08/20 2011/04/29

What does this mean to you?   IBM is not going to sell AIX 5.3 after April 29, 2011.  IBM will be selling AIX 6 and the new AIX 7 operating systems only. If your application is running Progress 9 this presents a problem for you.  Progress is not supporting its v9 product on AIX 6 or 7.   Please note that this does not mean an end of IBM support for AIX 5.3.  As you can see from the chart above, an end of support life date has not yet been specified. Where this would be a problem is if you wanted to upgrade your server hardware in the future, we would not be able to obtain the operating system required for your  application.

What options do you have? 

  • Upgrade your server hardware before April 29, 2011 to get the longer life span for your hardware. 
  • If you are currently running AIX 5.3, load your existing media on new hardware (same number of processors) in the future if you need to upgrade hardware.
  • Change platforms to a non-AIX operating system for your application.

 Colden Company Inc. is available to assist you in planning for the future of your infrastructure.  Please feel free to contact us at (888) 600-4560 (or (518) 885-2857)) or email us at



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