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How Well Do You Know Colden Company? (Part 2)

How Well Do You Know Colden Company? (Part 2)

Last month we brought to light some of the less utilized benefits our partners can enjoy such as the Colden Company portal for logging and checking tickets, automated statements and web site checks. This month we continue the theme with more benefits of a partnership with Colden Company.

Unlimited Helpdesk Contracts

For customers that have been with us for more than a year, we have the option of converting to an unlimited helpdesk support agreement. Rather than a discounted block of helpdesk hours per month, the unlimited agreement provides helpdesk hours for as many times as your staff needs to call our helpdesk. This can help even out the IT expense with a predictable amount each month.

Pay by Credit Card/ACH from Colden Company Website

Did you know that we accept credit card payment and even ACH payments directly from our website? Go to . We can also setup recurring payments for predictable payments with email receipts for your convenience.


Colden Company offers hardware as a service or hardware leasing depending on your preference. Hardware-as-a-Service means leasing computer equipment like desktops and laptops with a recurring cycle out time frame for replacement on a predicted monthly cost. Leasing options include dollar buyout options allowing the end users to keep the computer at the end of the lease and replace as you see fit. Options are always a good thing to have.

Pre-owned Hardware

Were you aware that Colden Company has a variety of sources for refurbished or pre-owned desktops and laptops? Need a computer that will not have strategic importance? These units are very functional computers without the extended warranty and can serve a purpose in your organization.

Colden Company is named after Mount Colden

Finally, one for fun. Colden Company is named after a beautiful mountain in the Adirondack Mountains called Mount Colden. Mount Colden is one of Colden Company President and Founder, Jim Lapointe’s favorite places and he has climbed it four times.

If any of the above services are of interest, please reach out to us at (888) 600-4560 or via email at



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