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How Well Do You Know Colden Company?

How Well Do You Know Colden Company?

One of the metrics we are most proud of here at Colden Company is our customer retention rate. We know from our satisfaction surveys that our customers are extremely happy with our service and we value and emphasize that. Consequently, many of our customers have been with us for a long time so we thought we would take time to outline about some benefits we provide that even our long-time customers may not be aware.

Access Colden Company Portal

Did you know Colden Company has a portal where you can log your own service tickets, check on tickets or see invoices? This is a nice place to go for self-service should you prefer that. Of course, you can always call our helpdesk at (888) 600-4560 or email us at if you prefer.

Get Regular Account Statements

Our accounting system can send you automated accounts statements with open invoices. As our customers know we send invoices via email and sometimes one will get lost in the shuffle of email. Having an automated statement will make sure you stay up to date.

Free Monitoring of Web Sites

As more and more work is conducted in the cloud, there are certain external web sites that hold value to your organization. In addition to monitoring up and down status of your own company website, Colden Company can monitor the status of web site important to your business. This is a great feature when there is an outage so we can tell you the issue is not with your network and begin contacting the vendor for resolution more quickly. A caveat with this service is there must be a server on monitoring in order to deploy these particular checks.

We’ve got more! Stay tuned next month for more helpful information about Colden Company that you can take advantage of.



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