Combating Phishing

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Learn the latest phishing techniques and how to combat them.

What is Ransomware and How to Protect Your Business

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Learn about the threat of ransomware viruses and what you can do to avoid being a victim!

Mobile Computing for the Building Trades

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While this webinar is geared towards the building trades, it offers information that spans all types of businesses, and be sure to take note of our ten commandments for creating a successful mobile strategy.

Colden Company’s Web Protection

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At-work web surfing can lead to a loss of productivity and create security and HR risks. Colden Company’s Web Protection service can help you control employee web surfing habits and protect your business.

“Look at Technology” Episode 14- June 17, 2014. Our Summer Wrap Up

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Backup, security and equipment purchasing are the hot topics we review in our wrap up before our summer break.

“Look at Technology” Episode 13 June 10, 2014- Why use an IT Service Provider?

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Even if you a have an IT staff, or are a do it yourselfer, your business can benefit from working with an IT Service Provider.

“Look at Technology” Epsiode 12- June 3, 2014 ” Prepare your Network for Summer Heat and Storms.

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Summer heat and storms can create havoc on your network. Here we discuss how protect your network, and the computers away from the office.