Colden Company Attends ABM ConEd Conference

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Colden Company was once again proud to attend the ABM Franchising Group’s Continuing Education Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, last week. Colden Company is a long-time partner with ABM and attended the Vendor Showcase, where we met with attendees and described some of the things we can do and things we have done in the technology arena for ABM Franchises. A sampling includes:

• Setting up web protection to secure business data by blocking known bad sites so users do not accidentally contract viruses and malware.
• Setting up digital signage so that employees and visitors who enter the building are seeing the message you want them to see.
• Implemented SmartBoard technology to make meetings more efficient.
• Implemented full disaster recovery so that the loss of power or a critical server will not cripple your business.
• Setup consistent and backed up instances of programs like GPGS, System Analysis and more to protect that data and make it available should a laptop be lost or stolen.
• Implement tablets so sales staff and executives can have access to the data they need on the devices they want!

Colden Company President Jim Lapointe speaking about technology with TCMS Eugene GM Ralph Welch.
2015 ABM Show - Jim and Ralph

Colden Company President Jim Lapointe posing with ABM Franchising Group COO Bert Kendall.
2015 ABM Show - Jim and Bert

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